Planning links

Public Inquiry to the Central Coast (Oct 2021)

  1. Central Coast planning portal - find a DA(note this is slow to load - do be patient)

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  1. DA's open for submissions - - To ensure your submission is clear and readable, you are advised to create a PDF of your points, without your name in the PDF, and attach this via the submission form.

  2. PRA list of planning DA of particular interest -

  3. Local Planning Panel (LPP) information -

  4. Local Planning Panel (LPP) & Council meeting minutes and agendas -

  5. LPP and Council meeting videos -

  6. Current planning instruments 2014 Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP)

  7. 2014 (current) Maps for use and heights are here (peninsula maps are 16x) -

  8. Gosford SEPP(2018)

NSW planning - It is not easy to understand, these guides may help.

  1. You guide to the Development Application process - See pages 11-14 - Why DA’s are required and “The Planning system” overview -

  2. The NSW planning system - A 20 page summary from NSW parliament -

  3. Central Coast Council Community Participation Plan - Plan from 2019 on how the CCC will engage community -

Also of note:

  1. Update of current pre-merger documents:

Currently planning LEP and DCP instruments are based on 2014 Gosford and Wyong documents (pre-merger)

Combined 2018 CCLEP and CCDPC are pending legislative approval - hopefully late 2021.

Draft DCP for the Peninsula is covered here

Draft LEP maps – (In layer tab, turn on – “Central Coast EPI/ 4.3 Height of Building”)

  1. Allowing variations to DA’s

Government and ICAC are trying to standardise responses to variations granted.

Public Inquiry into the Central Coast

  1. e-Petition debate of over 20,000 signatories in NSW parliament -

  2. The main OLG page for the inquiry

  3. A copy of the documents from 110 submissions made to the inquiry & transcripts -

  4. Inquiry video - Mon 18th Oct -(sorry didn't get any other days)